Orbital Branding®

The World Revolves Around the User

A slowed economy, the explosion of online resources and changing customer behaviors have created a “perfect storm” of conditions that has quickly evolved how companies reach their markets.

Rather than the company-centric mindset that has dominated marketing in decades past, today’s savvy marketers are taking the customer-centric approach. The Web and the online search engines have forever shifted control of the marketing conversation to the customer. How well you communicate in online and offline channels drives success back to you.

To remain competitive, it’s no longer enough to simply target customers.

You must make it easy for customers to target you.

Our solution is called Orbital Branding®, our integrated approach to marketing communications that engages prospects and customers 360 degrees with your brand presence. It’s the sum of three strategies:

Marketing still relies upon influencing the awareness, preferences and actions of your customers and prospects. However instead of messages revolving around the company, success is now driven by encircling the user with your presence.

Orbital Branding reorients your marketing trajectory, helps customers and prospects find you where they’re looking, and turns your communications efforts full circle with fully engaged clientele who have already sold themselves.

Revolutionize your approach. Let us show you how.

For a no-obligation assessment on how your company could benefit from Orbital Branding, contact us via our online form or call Dennis Gallaher at 952-934-8220.

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